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Organizational Consulting

An organization's success depends on many factors.  SummaSource's Organizational Consulting unit helps organizations solve complex problems, improve performance, and achieve success. We are intentional, but not conventional. Our solutions are based on your situation and your desired outcomes – not a pre-packaged answer. Organizational Consulting offers strategic planning, streamlining of business processes, optimal use of available resources based on data-driven strategies, and effective approaches to customer service. Working with you, we strive to identify the causes of the challenges you are facing, and then use our wealth of expertise to help you make informed decisions to solve the problems that keep you from operating at maximum efficiency.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Consulting helps leaders of organizations choose the direction for the future through strategic planning. Whether you are part of an organization with many stakeholders or a small unit with only a few people, a systematic planning process can help everyone agree on what it means to successfully achieve the mission and the strategies to be followed to get there. As a component of our facilitation process, we use The Innovator™ - a computer-based group decision making tool.

Desired Outcomes

People are drawn by a compelling picture of success, rather than pulled by a plan. Through our strategic planning process, we can help your team determine how they will respond to change, recommit to your mission, creatively plan for success, align on strategies, and put plans into action. We believe the best plans come from leaders and staff members inside the organization.

We also lead your team through numerous creative exercises that encourage critical thinking and generate innovative strategies. At the end of the planning process, we summarize your plan in a Strategic Map which is used to guide group actions necessary to implement the plan. Clients describe our Strategic Planning workshops as creative, productive, and fun.

The planning process does not stop with the plan. Your organization’s success depends on how effectively you implement your chosen strategies. We work with your implementation team to help them measure results, consider changes, and celebrate success.

Client Testimonial

"The strategic plans that the AUM Team helped us develop are excellent tools and I am holding my team accountable for the implementation of them. We have employed new staff and this has improved morale. As of October 1, 2014, I was able to provide our first salary increase since 2008.

--Charles Foley, DYS SPAN

Talent Management

We can assist with all of your talent management needs, including finding the most qualified person to fill a position, ensuring that you are offering fair and competitive wages, and looking to the future of your organization’s leadership. Our consultants carefully guide your organization through the complexity of many talent management services including employment testing and validation, classification and compensation, and apprentice programs.

Employment Testing & Validation

It’s critical for organizations to have a successful strategy for identifying, selecting and promoting the most qualified employees. We can assist your organization in implementing proven methods by selecting the most qualified people using our time-tested employee selection methodology.

Designed to comply with federal regulatory guidelines and professional standards, and backed by more than 30 years of experience, our customized selection or promotional tests provide an in-depth analysis of the specific work behaviors, tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be successful on the job in positions within your organization. Our procedures are designed to be valid and legally defensible to minimize your organization’s liability and promote fair and equal employment opportunity.

Our consultants are experts in the development and administration of selection and promotional procedures and have helped a wide variety of private and public sector organizations hire and promote employees at every level – from entry-level to skilled technician to executive positions. We can help you select the right person for the job through a proven process.

Classification & Compensation

Whether your organization is large or small, we can help you develop or update your classification and compensation systems. We tailor our approach to your business climate and legal environment. Our methods comply with all regulatory guidelines, professional standards, and best practices. We begin by conducting analyses of current positions in your system. This process begins with two primary considerations to be carried out: (1) your employees must be treated fairly, and (2) your compensation rates should be competitive with those of competitors in similar markets.

  • Former clients have come to us with the following issues, suggesting that they needed assistance with classification and/or compensation:“Our positions don’t seem to be well aligned within our own organization.”
  • “I feel like some people with lower skill sets and lower job requirements are actually paid the same as those with much more responsibility, skill sets, and minimum qualifications.”
  • “We are really not on solid ground when it comes to our classification and compensation system. What I mean is that I just don’t feel like I could support what we are doing or why we do it this way if challenged on legal grounds.”

Your compensation plan should be promoting employee engagement and retention, not creating problems.

Apprentice Programs

As the workforce has shifted, with many Baby Boomers leaving the workforce and others still preparing to retire, now is the time to harness your employees’ knowledge and pass it down to the next generation in your workforce. Our technical training and apprentice programs can help your organization resolve this issue.

We have comprehensive experience in the design and implementation of short and long-term training programs, including customized programs that are tailored for specific positions within your organization. We can work with your employees and managers to ensure all knowledge and skills required for a position are thoroughly documented, and a training methodology is identified and included in the program at the appropriate time. Our apprentice programs range from the development of a training needs template to identify specific areas of importance for a position to the creation of a full multi-year apprenticeship with periodic and final assessments that will ensure full mastery of the material. Programs are designed with the ultimate goal of the success of your employees in mind. Learn more about our process.

Organizational Analysis

Aligning your organization for maximum efficiency is critical to be competitive in your industry. We assist organizations in identifying desired changes necessary to improve performance.

Our Organizational Analysis service applies a customized approach to identifying problem areas and their causes within your organization.

Common types of organizational analysis include the following:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Workflow analysis
  • Performance analysis

We work collaboratively with clients to develop an efficient structure, define optimal staffing allocations, identify training needs, and recommend how organizations can maximize service delivery to their customers. An organizational analysis promotes clearly defined expectations from the start to empower your employees. This solution results in a structure with fewer workflow bottlenecks and enhanced information exchange.

Economic and Demographic Analysis

Organizational Consulting applies objective economic, demographic, and statistical research methods to complex issues facing public, private, and non-profit organizations. Our services include economic analysis, demographic analysis, survey research, statistical data analysis, and forecasting.

Economic Impact Analysis

Knowing the economic impact of current or potential projects and effectively communicating that to key stakeholders is critical. We can project the direct and indirect economic impacts of projects undertaken or under consideration by organizations. We estimate these impacts for you in terms of job creation, labor income and output contribution, and tax revenue generation in local, state and/or national economies.

Research of Policy Impact

Changes in national, state or local government policy not only affect citizens, but also influence the way public and private organizations operate and provide services. We use rigorous research and analysis to estimate the potential consequences of proposed policies, as well as to evaluate the aftermath of implemented policy changes after the fact.

Demographic Analysis

Awareness of demographic changes, and the causes and consequences of the changes is vital for organizations. This information is important for your organization in understandingexisting markets and the feasibility of market potential. We collect relevant data on state and local populations from a variety of sources, summarize and analyze the data, and disseminate crucial demographic information to facilitate better planning and program development.

Survey Consulting

The leaders of many organizationneed the answers to important questions to be able to make critical business decisions related to product placement, marketing, employee incentive plans, and other functions related to employee and consumer behavior. Often, business leaders want to to collect data through surveys in order to find answers to specific questions. We can evaluate your data needs and help you design the appropriate survey; develop survey tools; administer web, mail, or personal interview surveys; and analyze and report the data.

Statistical Data Analysis

We apply the most current and appropriate analytical tools to answer your most critical questions. We can help you tackle problems that lie beyond simple analytical tools. Our experts provide guidance, interpretation and forecasting to assist you in making informed decisions based on available data.

Performance Management

Leaders of high performing organizations clearly understand the performance goals needed to fulfill the mission and serve their customers. Performance management is the continuous process of managing the execution of a strategy to achieve those goals.

We help an organization’s leaders answer critical questions to ensure smart decision-making and quality improvement.

Performance Measurement

If an activity cannot be measured, it cannot be controlled. And, if it cannot be controlled, it cannot be managed. Without dependable measurements, intelligent decisions cannot be made. Performance measurement is an integral part of performance management.

Performance measurement is primarily managing outcome, and one of its main purposes is to reduce or eliminate overall variation in the work process. The goal is to arrive at sound decisions about actions affecting the process and its output.

Working together with your organization, we help develop the skills, models, and systems to:

  • Identify and evaluate work flow process
  • Establish performance goals or standards
  • Define erformance indicators
  • Collect data
  • Analyze and report actual performance
  • Compare actual performance to goals
  • Make suggestions for improvements

Grant Evaluation and Support

Organizational Consulting provides assistance to find the right grant to fund an existing program or to launch a new initiative. Together, we will create an evaluation plan that defines key components including goals, inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

If your mission is bigger than your budget, we can provide assistance to find the right grant to fund an existing program or to launch a new initiative. Since 2006, through our efforts, clients have been awarded more than $95 million in grants. Many of these grant proposals have been strengthed with a strong evaluation component led by Organizational Consulting. Funding agencies and foundations are good stewards with their money. They want to know see not only that the funds are going to a program with a good mission, but they want to see results – and often they want to see those results evaluated by an outside, objective evaluator. We have partnered with many clients to evaluate the programs funded through their grants.

We can help you demonstrate the success of your programs by showing the measurable impact. Together, we will create an evaluation plan that defines key components including goals, inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Using this plan, we will gather and analyze the relevant data, and report the findings. The ability to prove that your programs are evidence-based is vital to securing future funding and for energizing and mobilizing stakeholder support for your programs.

Past clients include:
Alabama Department of Homeland Security
Lighthouse Counseling Center’s Kaleidoscope Program
The Lighthouse Counseling Center: Evaluation of the Black Belt Coalition Project (federal grant from SAMSHA - Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant) (2013-Present)
The Lighthouse Counseling Center: Evaluation of the New Directions program (federal grant from SAMSHA - Substance Abuse Treatment for Racial/Ethnic Minority Women at High Risk for HIV/AIDS) (2013-Present)
Alabama Department of Human Resources: Evaluation of a Web-Based Application for Food Assistance (2012)
Alabama Department of Youth Services: Evaluation of Specialized Programming for Achievement Networks (2011)
Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement
One Place Justice Center
Alabama Medicaid Agency
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Montgomery Public Schools